Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Got an iPad and restless backseat passengers?

You know the drill for a long journey.  You're up front listening to the radio, the kids are in the back protesting at your station of choice or totally bored of looking out of the window.

This years newest tech must have is Apple's iPad.  It does music, video and mobile web browsing (dependant on model), books, productivity, just about everything a passenger on a long journey needs to keep busy.  But holding it after a while can be a chore.

But no longer!  iMarsh Industries has created the iMarsh Headrest Mount for iPad.  Manufactured from the finest hand selected natural cellulose and lignin matrix materials under guidance from our Company motto "Lingua in letifico", the iMarsh Headrest Mount for iPad is a bespoke solution to your rear seat passengers every need.

Designed to have no moving parts or bits to go missing, simple fuss free installation ensures a perfect fit to your vehicle's front seat, while the iPad is securely located in place using the latest developments in fastner technology.

So now that you've read about it, here is the first official image of the iMarsh Headrest Mount for iPad in a customer's vehicle.

Trim options allow the iMarsh Headrest Mount for iPad to blend in effortlessly with your cars interior environment to remain discrete.

Careful and thoughtful design has ensured use of the iMarsh Headrest Mount for iPad isn't restricted to use in your vehicle.  It also doubles up as a very useful desk stand.

The iMarsh Headrest Mount for iPad is currently in the late stages of testing before release in time for Christmas.

In the meantime, if you are interested in licencing the iMarsh Headrest Mount for iPad for your own accessory product line, please contact iMarsh Industries through these pages.

All content and product concept and design are copyright and exclusive property of Iain Marsh and iMarsh Industries.


  1. Where can i get more information about pricing. Can you contact me at

  2. I guess those black circles are just too big. But all in all, this is a great item. What I like most about this is that it is detachable! I love it! I will be buying them soon.